Conceptual Design & Project Manager: Julia Matthews
Lead Graphic Designer: Jhoanna Tagaro
Stakeholders Consultant: Jessica Holman
Specifically designed for Parklands Christian College, 'Subject Branding’ introduces a college-wide colour coded system that involves the use of colours to distinguish different departments and icons to clearly identify individual subjects across both primary and secondary spaces.
This project aims to reduce cognitive load, improve organisational effectiveness, increase professionalism and unity, as well as foster a sense of pride in the college and departments.
Julia Matthews, a teacher at Parklands Christian College, conceptually designed the system as an apparent number of students were arriving to classes with the wrong notebook and task sheets on hand. After numerous consultations with key stakeholders, we created the subject branding colour and iconographic system.
Each icon had to go through a rigourous process.
Although some are made easier than others, each icon needed to be approved by the project manager, head of department, head of subject, as well as the head of primary or secondary college.
This was an imperative part of the process as it not only ensured each department and respective subject teacher is happy with the final product, but it allows them to take ownership of the project and have pride on each individual subject icon.
Design Outcomes:
- 11 departments with their own colour values ​
- 64 different subject icons;  
where each icon is available in colour, black, and white, as well as with their subject title and without
- 2 Style Guides specifically for Primary and Secondary College Users
- Print Ready and editable PDFs for the Primary College​
- And indoor banners to showcase the subjects in each department; to be used to for subject selection evenings​​​​​​​

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